Sworn Translation

Nowadays, due to the globalisation, the citizenship requests, the mixed marriages, among others, the demand of sworn translations required by official bodies, such as the General Register Office, the universities, the notary’s offices, the ministries, etc., has risen. Therefore, Pérgamo Traducciones offers practical solutions adapted to our customers’ needs.

A sworn translation is that with the necessary legal validity to be submitted to any public or private institution and contains the signature and stamp of the Sworn Translator who carried out the task. Sworn translations are necessary when they shall take legal effects in the country of destination. This type of official translation guarantees that the content of the translated document is faithful to the original one, since only these professionals can certify the accuracy of their translations.
English Sworn Translation

What are the features of an English sworn translation?

You will be able to recognise a sworn translation very easily:

  • All sworn translations are delivered in paper format and, in most cases, in sheets of stamped paper;
  • All pages of the translated document must contain the original signature of the Sworn Translator;
  • All pages must bear the stamp of the same Sworn Translator;
  • On the last page of your sworn translation an official certification must appear.
  • The delivery of sworn translations will be carried out by registered mail or courier service, depending on the urgency of your project. Wherever you are, we will send you the translation, always within the agreed deadline.

    • Memorandum of association
    • Affidavit
    • Letters
    • Criminal record certificate
    • Death certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Medical certificate
    • Birth certificate
    • Leasehold contract
    • Purchase agreement
    • Sworn declaration
    • Identity card
    • Articles of Association
    • Deed
    • Transcript
    • Bank statement
    • Family register
    • Payslip
    • Passport
    • Power of attorney
    • Decree absolute
    • Degree certificate
    • etc.

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