Assistance services for foreigners

Studying abroad. Changing jobs. Promotion. Falling in love. Making your dream life come true. Travelling. We all change our lives. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes we are led to a different situation or place.

When moving to a foreign country people can feel discouraged and overwhelmed not only by the language but also by the way things work in that city. Capital cities can be overwhelming for people from a small town or village where all the shops and services are easily accessible. Moreover, the feeling of loneliness can appear because your relatives, friends and acquaintances are nowhere near you. What can you do when you are in that position? That is the main reason why we are launching this new project.  We want to support you when you do not know what to do or where to go to ask for help.

Finding a medical expert. Making a dentist appointment. Asking for a quote. Making a telephone call. Filling in an application form to renew your passport or driving licence. Reading a letter from an official body. As simple as it can be doing it in your own language. If you need assistance, support or maybe just want to know how to do it yourself. No worries. We can help you.

We have launched this project for you and your demands. We encourage you to call or email us and let us know what you need. We will find a way to help you out.