Pérgamo Traducciones is a translation company which provides estimate for your sworn translation without obligation.

Besides we offer a personalised advice which will help you to know the legal procedure that you should undertake to legalise your documents or to apostille them, if necessary. We will be glad to assist you, regarding any doubt or query that you may have about the English translation or sworn translation service, as well as any other related procedure.
English Sworn Translator

What is a sworn translator?

A Sworn Translator-Interpreter is a public attestor who holds a special appointment issued by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The said appointment enables the Sworn Translators to exercise their tasks of translation and interpreting in any Spanish city. In order to verify that an English Sworn Translator who provides a service of translation or interpreting is indeed a professional, the updated list can be examined on the following link: Sworn Translators’ List.

Each and every page of a sworn translation must be stamped and signed by the Sworn Translator, granting the necessary validity to the translated document and making it official. Additionally, another feature of this type of official translation is the certification which will necessarily appear at the end of the document.